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Flowers and Bottles

Flower Essences

What are flower essences? Flower essences are the energetic imprint of a plant. Each plant has a unique set of emotional healing properties that healers have catalogued over time.


A flower essence has no physical parts of the plant in it and is not an essential oil which is distilled oil from a plant. Because flower essences are purely energetic, they are safe to take for anyone, with no contraindications for any medications.

Flower essences are a subtle, yet incredibly powerful homeopathic medicine. They energetically release emotional states and emotional trauma stored in the body. They also energetically bring in what you want to manifest and create new positive habits.

A Flower Essence Workshop

Plant Energy for Intuitive Healing

Learn about different plant essences and how to make flower essences. Each participant will be able to be able to make their own healing blend in a small vial to take home with them.

Sliding scale $10-$25

Perfume Bottles

Book Flower Essence Intuitive Healing

Book a 30 minute appointment to work with Sara, a plant intuitive, to create a customized healing or manifestation plan with flower essences. The customized flower essence blend(s) are included with the appointment. Changes from flower essences can be noticed by some immediately but most people see changes somewhere between 2 - 6 weeks. Great either as a standalone consultation or as a series to address chronic issues or create new beneficial habits.

Sliding scale $20-$40/30min.

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