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Levitating Objects

Unclutter Your Mind & Space

A six week course on how to use organization of our physical space to support our mental space.

Learn how to have your space contribute to your mental & emotional well-being. Aimed for all brains, including neurodivergent folx, those with chronic mental health issues and anyone else who struggles with clutter. The course uses a trauma-informed approach to help you learn to recognize your day-to-day needs, time and energy capacities. We support you through the process of organizing your space in a way that allows you to thrive - whatever that looks like!


This six week course is led by Sara Bachman-Williams, a professional organizer and Emily Viola, a clinical social worker. This course package includes:

  • Weekly 90 minute class

  • At-home exercises where you can practice what you learn during each weekly class

  • A month long de-clutter project at the end with weekly online check-ins with the instructors and classmates

  • An online support chatspace where you'll be able to build community support with fellow classmates to share your wins, struggles and questions

  • Forever access to class recordings

Each class is highly interactive with presented content interspersed with reflection and collaboration exercises among fellow classmates. In the course you will be able to take on projects in your space per the size of your capacity as part of the course. You'll also be working through the mental hurdles, limiting beliefs and traumas that have made having an organized space challenging for you. With this work, you'll be able to create new supportive beliefs, thought and habit patterns that allow for you to create an uncluttered and organized space for yourself.

Register with a friend for the Unclutter Course for 10% discount! Enter your friend's name in registration and then enter the discount code for 10% off during checkout. See Instagram for discount code!


Classes start August 19th, 2023. For those located in Tucson, AZ you have the option to attend in person, held weekly on Saturdays 11am - 1pm at Tucson Counseling Associates. Online attendees will attend the live in-person course virtually and have a dedicated zoom attendant to ask any questions and to create breakout sessions for the exercises.


Saturdays, Aug 19th - Sept 30th, 2023

11am - 1pm PST


Online Zoom

Tucson Counseling Associates

125 E Mabel St, Tucson, AZ 85705


$360 In Person Course


Pay It Forward ~ $460

Sliding Scale ~ $260

$150 Online Course


Professional Organizer

Emily Viola

Clinical Social Worker


How Our Sliding Scale Works

To create financial accessibility to this course, we offer Pay It Forward registration where those with greater financial privilege can provide accessibility for our Sliding Scale registrants. We offer 4 dedicated in person Sliding Scale registration spots, but with each Pay It Forward registration we receive, another       Sliding Scale spot opens!

We also are offering one work trade registration where you'll receive complimentary free registration in exchange for being our Zoom attendant. Experienced with Zoom? Please email us!

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